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Organise yourself and highlight the essential ideas

At work or in class, you have to be able to sort through all the information that is conveyed to you. The FriXion Highlighters help you to highlight what is most important!

Let's recap in a few words

For any research, presentation or reporting work, you will need to sort and filter the information that you have collected. In order to avoid being overwhelmed by an overload of data, you only need to select the most important data.
Depending on your learning objectives you do not typically need all of the information that is being presented to you.
Therefore, it is important to select only the information that is essential to you, in the books, documents and handwritten notes that you have at your disposal.

With FriXion Light highlighters, you can highlight what is most important.
By highlighting important information, you can review and study only the elements which are of relevance.
Thanks to the erasable ink of FriXion Light you can erase previously highlighted contents if they are no longer relevant.
This will help you immensely in ensuring that your notes remain concise and only important data is highlighted for your attention.


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