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Frequently asked questions

#1 I left my FriXion pens outside in the heat and now they no longer work! What should I do?

Just as the ink disappears when pages are left in the heat, so can the ink become transparent inside FriXion pens.

If your pen doesn’t seem to be writing, try to remember whether or not the pen may have been over-exposed to heat.

If so, try putting your pen in the freezer until it sufficiently cools. After taking your pen out of the freezer and letting it readjust to room temperature, it should write again like new. If not, check your refill. If it is a FriXion Ball, Clicker or Point, just change it :-)

#2 I use FriXion pens and my notebook / page is now blank without a trace of my work! What should I do?

Leaving items such as notebooks, homework or paper near heaters, in a car on a hot day or even putting pages through repeated photocopying, can heat the paper sufficiently to make FriXion ink invisible. If you find your page to be blank, simply put it in the freezer for a short period of time. Our thermo-sensitive ink reappears at around -10°C, so your work should reappear once more when the pages sufficiently cool.

#3 Can I use FriXion pens for school exams or to complete and sign official documents?

Definitely not. Due to the ink erasability feature, the FriXion pens must not be used for school exams, cheques and on official documents.

#4 Are FriXion products safe for children?

All of the inks and barrels used in our products have been designed for maximum safety, particularly with regards to children. More specifically, the FriXion Colors, have the CE marking as they are compliant with all requierement for the toy safety directive BUT this product is not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Furthermore, the caps on our non-retractable models satisfy the ISO 11540 standard. They are equipped with a ventilation system which allows breathing in case the cap is swallowed.

Finally, our customer services team has all our ink safety documents available immediately on digital media in order to assist the medical professional in the event of serious accidents.

#5 How do I remove ink from clothing?

The FriXion pens do not contain permanent ink as it reacts to heat and becomes transparent. On clothing, you only have to wash it according to the recommendation on the label. As a tip and trick, if the fabric can be heated at least to 60°C, just use an iron on the ink mark !

#6 What refills should I use for my FriXion pen?

The refillable pens of the FriXion family have their own refills depending on the tip size (fine, medium or broad) and all refills are cross compatible with FriXion pens.

To discover all FriXion refills and pens, click here.

#7 Where to buy the FriXion refills?

Our goal is that your writing pleasure with a FriXion pen does not stop when it runs empty. In addition to being economical, refilling your pen is environmentally friendly.

That's why we want to help you find your refills in stationery and in department stores.

If you want to find a retailer near you: click here

#8 My FriXion has run out of ink very quickly

It is normal for a Pilot FriXion to use ink more quickly than other types of pen and does not indicate a faulty product.

Pilot FriXion pens use a unique “Thermo-sensitive” ink which provides the benefit of being erasable by applying heat. This ink is very different to that which would be found in other ballpoint or rollerball pens and more of the ink needs to be applied to the writing surface.

As a result, the ink in the refill will be depleted more rapidly than a standard ballpoint or rollerball pen.

If writing distance is a higher priority to you than being able to erase, we would recommend using a Pilot G2 where a similar volume of ink will last around 4 times longer than that of a FriXion. If erasability is an important requirement then unfortunately the ”trade-off” for this is that you will run out of ink sooner.


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