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What do a biker, an opera singer, a native american, a fashionista, Romeo and Juliet and an astronaut have in common? FriXion of course!
In this 10-episode web series, each character sees his story closely linked to a FriXion pen.
Short stories that are as incredible as FriXion magic, discover them right away!

FriXion Story


Hit the road with FRIXION!

We are pleased to introduce the first webisode of the FriXion saga, along with our new year's resolutions: to exercise more and to be more eco-friendly… Like our biker!

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More than 10 years of AMORE with FRIXION

To celebrate Love in the world our lovely opera singer is offering all music lovers a wonderful coloratura… Relax and enjoy the second webisode of the FriXion saga.

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Ready to make a toast to FRIXION?

It's time for an appetiser with this third webisode of the FriXion saga. Be careful, it's going to get really hot! Enjoy and try your best to stay cool!

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Who is the captain on this ride?

Whether or not you have sea legs, join our wonderful motorboat’s crew for a ride full of surprises! Ready to climb on board?

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At the head of the arrowhead!

Guide the archer with the point of the pen. You might be surprised!

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Enjoy the sixth webisode of the FriXion saga, with a special guest… The most merciless insect, always bloodthirsty…but this time it will be a nicer bite. Let's teach it a good lesson…

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Romantic FRIXION

Be tender and romantic, just like Romeo and Juliet, in our seventh webisode of the FriXion saga, but with a bit more of a… Rock 'n' Roll attitude!

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Already a cult classic!

Have you already heard of arcade games like Space Invaders? Of course you have! They’re classics! We are proud to honour this addictive game in our new webisode of the FriXion saga. Let's play!

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FriXion's style

You fall for fashion and design, but still wonder what to wear?… It's time to discover this webisode of the FriXion saga! We may offer some inspiration to fashion addicts, but mostly want to make you laugh out loud!

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Final FriXion celebration

Come and join us for the best FriXion birthday party ever! See your FriXion folks as you've never seen them before, an explosive display of fireworks and happiness! Hurry up and get into the groove!

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FriXion pens and everything you write, draw or colour with them is linked to your needs and desires.
Discover what our FriXion family inspires in the Instagram community called "FriXioner" and join the movement #FriXion, #PilotFriXion

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