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Note-taking through illustrations

Illustrated note-taking and all visual representations of ideas are techniques that make the content more impactful. Thanks to these methods it is easier to convey your thinking and retain the essential ideas.

Let's recap in a few words

In class or in the office, it is essential to filter information and to quickly absorb information by summarising. Illustrations and diagrams are excellent ways to clearly represent concepts during a presentation. It is important to be fast and efficient, and for that, the visual diagram can be fantastically effective for your memory. The most natural way of thinking and bringing your ideas to life is through drawing, visual construction and above all, colours!

Graphical elements can be a huge aid when you need to see a concept in perfect clarity and be able to see the relationships in complex concepts. A perfect diagram can neatly reflect your ideas or the information that you are learning. To help achieve this, you can rely on FriXion Fineliner writing pens, which have been perfected for creating detailed illustrations. Unlike traditional  felt pens, FriXion Fineliners' erasable ink enables you to illustrate your ideas while having the option to erase and start over to better express your concepts and thoughts!


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