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Appointment booking, taking notes and organising yourself at work

When appointments and information are piling-up it is important to be able to organise yourself with written notes. FriXion pens help you to stay organised with easy to read notes, which thanks to FriXion ink technology can be ammended at any time.

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Let's recap in a few words

Sometimes at work everything accumulates.
For artisans, hairdressers or health specialists, who welcome their customers, it is essential to be always up to date.
Managing appointments and cancellations can become a real headache. That's why you constantly need to write and edit the information in your calendar or to organise yourself by taking notes on post-its.
When ideas come to you, you need to quickly write them down on paper so you will not forget them.

In the office, if you are preparing for group meetings, it is essential to be able to organise yourself and to note the bullet points you want to talk about during the meeting on post-its.
With FriXion pens and their erasable ink, you can write, erase and edit your notes with ease.
And for the formalisation of ideas in meetings or conferences, FriXion pens enable you to effectively note and retain the essential!


FriXion pens and everything you write, draw or colour with them is linked to your needs and desires.
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