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Practicing arithmetic, algebra and geometry!

A maths exercise takes time and concentration. For example, to understand the rules of algebra in order to solve equations, you should not be afraid to make mistakes and start again.

Let's recap in a few words

Learning comes first through exercise, attempts and failures. When training, it is normal to make mistakes and have to start all over again. These mistakes are part of the learning process and help us move forward.
FriXion Ball pens
help keep your worksheet clear and clean. At the slightest mistake, you just have to modify your calculations, erase and start again.

 In addition, thanks to the many colours of the pens, it is much easier to differentiate the elements and to better segment the variables of your equation. Therefore, you have the best tools in hand to take your time and start again until you can solve your equation.
Your maths exercises are clearer and you make progress faster!


FriXion pens and everything you write, draw or colour with them is linked to your needs and desires.
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