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Practice to master the rules of trigonometry

Mathematics and trigonometry are learned through practical exercises. To practice, make geometric shapes and start again, there is nothing better than FriXion pens to accompany you in your exercises!

Let's recap in a few words

Trigonometry requires attention to detail. Understanding the trigonometric functions is not always easy but it is important. This subject involves making equations and geometric shapes on paper and therefore requires precise work to obtain a clear visual result.
With FriXion Fineliner writing pens, you're ready to go.

Thanks to their fine tips, your figures will be clear and precise, and if you are wrong in your calculations, you just have to erase and start again.
If they are not always correct, at least your exercises will be clear and without any crossing-out. And with practice, mastering trigonometric functions becomes child's play!


FriXion pens and everything you write, draw or colour with them is linked to your needs and desires.
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