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Knowing how to organise and take notes

In class you need to organise yourself and to take notes. For that, nothing is better than FriXion pens. With them, your notes in your notebooks and your agenda will be very clear and personalised!

Let's recap in a few words

When you are in class it is not always easy to listen to the teacher and to take notes at the same time.
And yet, it is your note taking that will allow you to memorise and learn your lessons. You often have to change what you write and go back to correct in order to have a better understanding of the subject.
Once your notes are structured, it is much easier to read and remember.
With FriXion pens you will be able to avoid crossing-out, to reformulate, delete unnecessary notes and to summarise the topic.

Thanks to the different colours and the erasable ink, your FriXion pens will enable you to better structure the important elements and to erase and rewrite if necessary, so that your notes are perfectly clear.
You will be able to take notes the way you like and without any stress. FriXion is also perfect for the academic diary you carry with you all year.
With schedule changes, homework, revisions, hobbies and plans with friends that you do not want to miss, your diary will often need to be modified. And with FriXion pens it will be very easy to keep it clear and clean!


FriXion pens and everything you write, draw or colour with them is linked to your needs and desires.
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