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Learning how to juggle numbers.

Children learn to count through exercises. Perfecting numbers and calculations takes time, and with the FriXion range of pens, it's easier to train!

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Let's recap in a few words

In primary school children discover the kingdom of numbers to step into the world of mathematics.
They learn to count and to recognise the numbers, and then, step by step, to perform more complex calculations. Additions and subtractions require a lot of concentration and sometimes children will make mistakes, several times before finding the solution.
In order to better support these mini mathematicians with these new exercises, FriXion Ball pens enable them to work without fear of failure.

Thanks to the pens' eraser and erasable ink, mistakes never stay long on the paper.
Just erase the mistakes and try again until the result is correct. Using FriXion Colors felt pens, children can differentiate fractions parts and make the exercise easier using a wide variety of colours.
It is therefore important to give them every advantage for this new stage of learning.
Giving them the perfect pens to practice with will also contribute to developing their taste for mathematics!


FriXion pens and everything you write, draw or colour with them is linked to your needs and desires.
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