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Giving life to your imagination

Develop your creative mind at home with drawing and colouring. Give life to your world to have fun and to relax!

Let's recap in a few words

Drawing and colouring is a very fun and easy activity to do at home.
They will enable you to represent situations, landscapes, characters and give free rein to your imagination while having fun.
By drawing and colouring you learn to be more skilled and precise with your hand. In addition, you develop your imagination and your creative mind. You can give life to your world and to superheroes by personalising the way they look.

You can count on FriXion Colors felt pens and their 12 colours to draw and colour as you wish .
Thanks to the erasable ink, you can erase and redo the drawing that you did not succeed the first time, or even change your mind if the colour used does not suit you anymore.
FriXion Colors felt pens help you to create drawings and colouring pages that you enjoy!


FriXion pens and everything you write, draw or colour with them is linked to your needs and desires.
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